Consolidation Services

Ecd Logistics offers a full range of origin/consolidation services by ocean and air. We work closely with your factories to manage
your purchase order from the point of issue, convert and pull shipping orders, and optimize container loading.

  • Single source contract management of your contracts and ours for optimized routing.
  • Consolidation of P.O. to shipments, multiple suppliers, multiple countries and multiple P.O.’s
  • Value-added services such as quality control checks, kitting, rework, assortment, pick and pack, labeling, price tagging,
  • garment assortment packing and garment on hanger (GOH)
  • Store-ready shipment unit configuration
  • Daily on-hand reports: tailored reports showing shipments received by P.O., part number and quantities on a basis.
  • DC Bypass
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Carrier Allocations
  • Store level Allocations
  • Immediate VAT Refund for local supplier
  • Bonded storage and transportation