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Cargo Insurance

No one likes to think about it, but the ugly truth is accidents and disasters happen. Lloyd’s of London reports that, on
average, a vessel sinks every day. Heavy winds, water damage, hurricanes, typhoons – all can damage your goods. It is
important to understand common declinations and legal liabilities limitations that all carriers place on settlements. A
variety of insurance products can protect you to what level is best suited for your specific shipment and risk level.

We can ensure your goods are covered at the proper level at reasonable rates and with no deductible:

  • All Risk Insurance for new, professionally packaged goods for ocean, air and domestic transport
  • FPA insurance for complete loss for commodities that only lose their value catastrophically (example: steel beams)
  • Declared Value coverage for any value you indicate up to full value
  • Mail / parcel post coverage
  • FOB/FAS/CFR coverage which protects you as a seller during transit until such time as the title is transferred to the
  • buyer.

Warehouse Insurance