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Ecd Logistics’s warehousing and distribution program fully integrated with our mature import/export, CHB and domestic distribution services providing a seamless fulfillment solution

  • Total 335,000 square feet US Customs bonded facilities in 8 strategic locations in the United States
  • C-TPAT Validated Warehouses
  • Cross Dock and Transload services
  • Specialized outbound consolidation of LTL shipments from the Western USA and Canada provide service and pricing
  • flexibility.
  • EDI, Real-time Inventory & Management Reporting Capabilities
  • Reverse logistics and Return goods management
  • Long and Short term storage services
  • Scalable Global Warehouse solutions tailored to meet project scope
  • Pick/ship, Pick/Pack, kitting, labeling, assembly and fulfillment services
  • Cross Dock & Long term storage
  • Courier processing
  • Retail Distribution compliance
  • Security and fire protection
  • Product merge in Ecdpriority