Who we are


East coast delivery priority (ecdpriority)  is an emerging unique global delivery agency offering: combine fast, reliable, local delivery service with courteous, professional customer service.
Close to you a year now, ecdpriority has emerged as the Northwest's leading courier and delivery company.
With its recent acquisition of Sound Courier in a few months behind and its expansion into the international logistics field, Delivery Express has forged a path of success in the transportation industry.
Located near SeaTac International Airport, ecdpriorityworks with nearly 25 professional drivers in cars, pickups, vans, large 24-foot box trucks and serves the region’s most demanding companies in every industry.
The ecdpriorityleadership team has more than 90 years of combined transportation knowledge and experience, along with an outstanding record of business ingenuity, with more than half the leadership team being former business owners.